Yinber Printers

CTS 1200C

  • CTS Computer-To-Screen System
  • Low Cost, High Productivity
  • Get rid of cost and process of film making;Highly improve efficiency of screen making;Reach highest 25 pieces per hour.
  • Good Operability、Low Maintenance Cost
  • Adopt high power LD 405nm lasers,combining square pixels imaging system, highest resolution can be 25400 DPI, photosensitive material has wide applicable range.
  • High Precision、Wide Adaptability
  • Easy to handle with friendly interface,modular design brings stable function and simple maintenance,adapting to harsh environment.

CTS 1200-C

Specifications of CTS 1200C

Model CTS-1200C
Max. Screen Frame 1200x1100mm
Minimum Screen Frame 200x200mm
Thickness of Screen Frame 20~40mm
Maximum Image Size 1100x1000mm
Minimum Line Width/Space 50um/50um
Resolution 25400 DPI
Margin Roughness ±10%
Exposure Mode DMD+LD
Focus Mode Real-Time Auto Focus
Laser Power 15W
Wavelength 405nm
Scanning Speed 300s
Repeatability <±2um
Loading Mode Manual
Dimension 2150x2180x1600mm
Weight 3000KG
Environment Power: 380V±5%,50/60HZ,4KW
Environment Temperature: 22±4 ºC
Environment Humidity: 50º±10%
Environment Purity: 10,000 Level